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ShBlog 19: Dameriino is now dmodot


DISCLAIMER: This isn’t going to be a short-shoe-blog (or ShBlog as we call it) but a slightly longer, albeit crucial read.

We, at Dameriino, have had three great years making shoes for you. But there’s a conversation we need to have. As of the minute you’re reading this, our name has changed to dmodot (read as d.m.o.-dot).

Over these years, we’ve learnt many things about shoes and business. We’re constantly trying to improve operations to ensure a seamless shopping experience for you, while wrapping our heads around ever-changing taxation and company rules.  But most importantly, we’ve grown from an all boys brand to a men’s, women’s and unisex label. 

This change fits perfectly into the idea of having an evolved identity. After months of debates and predicaments, we’re ready to take Dameriino (Italian for a fashionably dressed man), to dmodot and we hope to make you fall in love with us all over again.

Also, that’s not where the fun ends. We’ve got heaps of exciting announcements planned for the rest of the year, over which time we will completely unfold what dmodot truly is. 

Our new addresses will be:

Instagram: @dmodotofficial
Facebook: /dmodotofficial

Have a great 2018 and make the best style choices, never devoid of comfort and love.

Abhishek & Pranav
Team dmodot

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