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Blog 8: Fit-Tips for Dress Shoes (6/8)

The shoes you wear have to be comfortable, that should be the foremost criterion. 

There’s basic things to know, starting with the exact dimensions of your foot - length and width. There should be about half an inch between your longest toe and the leather, and just enough space to insert your index finger behind your foot. While your shoe will break-in with wear, but only slightly, so go a size up and make in-soles your best friends.

When trying shoes, ensure you’ve got socks that you’ll wear with those shoes and take a real walk to check how they feel because shoes that fit well, will always last longer.

What we do at Dameriino

We’ve put size information with the length of your foot, and should you order a size too large or small, we’re happy to exchange it for the right size. We’re only a hello away! 

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