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Blog 10: Keeping it old-school with a little bit of funk! (8/8)



If dressing everyday is getting monotonous for you, you can easily break-away by dressing old school with a li'l bit if funk, boy.

No! Dressing funky doesn't necessarily ask for stocking funky pieces in your wardrobe. Begin achieving this goal by experimenting with the ones you already own.

Matching a well-structured semi-casual suit with a pair of white leather sneakers is a sure-shot way to turn heads. (Think Tranquillos). Add details by cuffing-up your jeans/chinos and the sleeves of your shirts.

Hide your socks to show your ankles until you invest in a funky pair.

Mix-match prints of torso and lower yet make sure they're subtle.

Later, invest in good quality accessories to amp-up the look - like suspenders and colourful shoes.


Keep experimenting to add some funk to your old-school look.

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