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Blog 18: Meet the Sockers!

It’s time we have a chat about - wait for it - socks! In the interest of trying to fit our socky feelings into 150 words, we thought it best to speak about socks and sneakers, dividing sockers into three broad categories.

You know when you’re out and see someone boring ugly-ass socks paired with sneakers and pants or shorts, making you cringe at the lack of attention to detail.  That’s one.

Then there’s the people who wear footlets or sneaker socks, flashing their ankles. We got nothing against beautiful ankles, but know your ankles. That’s two!

And lastly, the indulgent sockers. They love wearing interesting and bright socks and they know that cropped pants or shorts with sneakers is ideal to show off that detail and add some funk to the summer look.

P.S. - Autocorrect is very persistent about changing sockers to you know what - we didn’t say it!

Image source: ASOS

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