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Blog 12: Six footwear styles every man must possess! (2/2)

#4 Leather Sandal
A leather sandal is to summer what leather boot is to winter -  essentially game changing! A well-crafted pair will add extra oomph to your summer look, be it a lazy Sunday brunch or a traditional function.
Think Pelles by Dameriino

#5 Leather Boot
Boots aren't shoes just for hikers, bikers, and cowboys. Say hello to the Chelsea Boot pair them up with smart denim and you’ve hit jackpot! Winters are just incomplete without ‘em.
Think Stivali Chelsea by Dameriino


#6 Leather Low-Top Sneaker
Versatile is the word to describe a pair of leather low-top sneakers. Focusing on comfort & style, these sneakers will set you apart with a range of outfits. Pro tip - Wear them with a casual suit to turn heads.
Think Tranquillo by Dameriino

Stocking these timeless pieces will definitely keep you ahead of the curve!

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