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Blog 9: Pairing options - wear it best! (7/8)

“They’re great shoes! What do I wear them with?” Let’s figure this out because, we’re all asking this question every now and then.

Leather Classics
Leather is a slick way to dress-up the look. Throw in a classic brogue or toe-cap made in black or tan shade of leather with smart dress-pants, chinos or sometimes jeans et voila! Dandy!
Dameriino options: The Essentials

Modern Suedes
Suede is the casual cousin of leather and ups your game without seeming too dressy. Sport shaded suedes with cotton shorts, smart-fit jeans and cuffed-up chinos in any environment but formal and your suede game is on!
Dameriino options: Luxe Brigade

Sneakers are your daily best friends. They're anything but dressy and jibe well with shorts & jeans. Turn heads by sporting a smart white leather sneaker with sleek dress pants or casual suit.
Dameriino option: Tranquillo

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