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ShBlog 27: Suede & Nubuck (5/8)


Some of the most under-appreciated leathers, suede and nubuck are infamous for their fragility and rigiourous maintenance. Made from the underside of animal hide, both these materials are softer and easier to work with but not as durable as other leathers. When the fibrous ‘Corium’ of the animal hide is sanded from outside, we get nubuck, a material made popular by the Duke of Windsor in 1930s. Sanding corium from the inside gives us suede. Great quality suede has a beautiful nap, the fine fibres that make the material luxurious, whereas good quality nubuck will feel almost buttery to touch.

Keeping your suede shoes new takes very little effort, but it’s all worth it. Check out our suede care products here.

Also check out our latest women's product with premium nubuck.


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