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Blog 3: What to look for when buying a dress shoe (2/8) - Leather

We're all buying shoes online and offline, but neither of those buying experiences feel informed enough. We’ve got a quick guide to help you navigate this craziness!

Most leather comes in two varieties: full grain and corrected. Full grain leather is minimally treated to keep the surface very close to when it is on the animal, including any aberrations. Corrected leather, on the other hand, goes through a sanding process to smoothen the surface and then an artificial grain is applied to make it look lush.

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Each leather has it’s own merits and demerits, but any good leather is supple, yet firm to touch. And whatever you choose, it’s not going to be indestructible and wrinkle free.

What Dameriino uses:

We exclusively use corrected leather which ensures a smooth, yet not patented leather, look which puts focus on the design and aesthetic of the shoe.

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