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Men's Wedding Shoes for Tuxedo's And Suits



A wedding is an elegant, passionate, and a once-in-a lifetime experience for most. We at dmo believe in the adoring commitment and dedication of the rituals and traditions of a wedding and are deeply inspired by the same. This is a day you remember for the rest of your life and so does your family. Choosing the perfect wedding attire is imperative, which includes having the perfect shoes to compliment the same. 

As the groom, you might think you have limited choices when it comes to styles of shoes available for you. But this isn’t the case. There are plenty of options for footwear to suit your personality or theme of the wedding. Once you have decided on what you want to wear a suit or a tuxedo, choosing the right shoes is a relatively easy and fun task. 

The shoes that will let you enjoy this day by complimenting your suit are:


  • Brogues 



    The Tan Brogues are versatile across light and dark colours. They add a certain chic to your suit. Nothing spells classic like a pair of black brogues. It sits extremely comfortably on your feet to get you through a busy day. Either choice in colour will add character to your wedding suit.



  • Oxford Shoes



    The choice of a classic black suit will be incomplete without a pair of classy and smooth leather black oxfords. The black oxfords can also be paired with a charcoal grey suit. Similarly, a pair of sleek brown oxford shoes will complement a navy blue or burgundy suit tremendously.  



  • Loafers


    Cut long and slick loafers are an understated choice for the modern man. The clean cut loafer paired with dress suits brings out a chic and modern look. Available in multiple colours and fabrics, they provide you with a myriad of options in comfortable choices.



  • Monk Strap


    When you're feeling a little extra, get yourself into this pair of beautiful handcrafted classic black double-monk-strap shoes. They are a perfect companion for a semi-formal wedding attire. 


    Men’s Wedding Shoes for Tuxedo

    Suits allow you flexibility which tuxedo’s do not. Tuxedo’s are formal and hence, require a pair of shoes that can support its royal flair. 



  • Black Patent Shoes


    Shining bright is not for the faint-hearted! Black Patent shoes are created for special moments like a wedding day. You cannot go wrong with pairing black patent’s with a tuxedo of any colour.



  • Loafers


    The elegant simplicity of loafers enhances the style and class of a tuxedo. Available in multiple colours and fabrics like suede, leather and velvet it combines the old-charm with the comforts of urban life. 


  • Closures



    Beautifully bridging heritage and modernity, the ethnic Pesha’s by dmo support the sophistication of a tuxedo like none other. The tan coloured Pesha’s have been seen to beautifully complement the pastels and well black is an ally for all. 



  • Hofflers


    Slip into something dapper with least effort. The hofflers are an intersection of sleek, functional and stylish footwear. They provide a cross between cultures. They support the elegance of a tuxedo in a chic and formal manner. 

    Hope by now you have decided what you are gonna pair your suit or tuxedo with on this momentous occasion. Choose keeping in mind the comfort and style and we promise your shoes will add flair and swag to your wedding day!

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