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ShBlog 21: Soles for Souls - Donate your old shoes to us!

Soles for Souls - dmodot - shoes Soles for Souls - dmodot - shoes Soles for Souls - dmodot - shoes Soles for Souls - dmodot - shoes

We spend most hours in closed spaces - offices, living rooms, cars, metros - and there’s almost an invisible-to-the-eye population on the streets of the city we don’t note beyond traffic lights intersections. While we cannot solve most problems, we can ensure they’re not walking barefooted through peak winter, because let’s be honest - Delhi gets pretty cold and that biting chill shouldn’t be getting to anyone.

Very often a lot of the footwear gets given to workers around the house, and it's the homeless who get the rawest end of the stick. So, with some help from you, we're able to make it slightly easier for them. We encourage you to collect and send us shoes in wearable condition - we get them cleaned and repaired - and distribute to those walking the streets barefoot. Please visit 'Soles for Souls' for more details.

P.S. - We'll be sharing a 20% discount code for all donors

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