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Blog 4: What to look for when buying a dress shoe (3/8) - Toe Shape & Heel


A good dress shoe must be proportionately crafted, and there’s a couple of things you have to check to identify one.

A very common pitfall is the height of the heel - it mostly shouldn't exceed 1.3inches or 3.3cms Anything higher than that will look strange, giving the appearance of boots, not dress shoes. The top of the shoe may look great, but a quick look from the side will give you perspective.


The other thing to look for is the much contested toe shape. Extreme of anything is bad, we know!Shoe with too round or too pointy toes, or even overly square fronts should send alarm bells ringing.


What we do at Dameriino

Our heels range between 1-1.3inches, ensuring comfort, good elevation and posture. The shoe shape is a like RGB colour settings, where the P(ointy)S(quare)R(ound) curves are balanced.

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