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Women slipper and sandals (Comfort and style) - dmodot Shoes

Women slipper and sandals (Comfort and style)



Pandemic situation has given more rise to comfort and style. Work from home has led to a demand in more comfortable outfits such as sweatpants, loungewear, leggings etc. However, no outfit is complete without comfortable yet stylish slippers and sandals. Pair it up with the right outfit and take on the world in absolute style! Be it any occassion or an office, a comfortable slippers and sandals is all you need. Yes, with DMO Dot’s limited women leather slipper and sandals collection pridely called “PELLES COLLECTION” are perfect for a classy, sophisticated simple style! 

Gone are the days when Pelles (leather slippers and sandals) were only defined to men. Pelles are highly in demand by both men and women due to its comfort yet unique style. Pelles have become the “latest muse” among women because of it’s stunning look which can be easily paired with ethnic and casual outfits. As mentioned above, Pelles are referred to as leather slippers and sandals designed exclusively for women by dmodot. 

As the summer is approaching, our need for slippers and sandals is rising. Give an end to all your formal woes in our classic pair of slippers and sandals collection. Pelles are designed to offer stunning yet comfortable feel to match your traditional attires. Pelles- leather slippers and sandals are highly made of durable leather.  

The slippers and sandals for women is not limited to comfort alone but also puts the most fashionable foot forward. These sandals/ chappals are not just comfortable, but ultra-comfortable and breezy to wear. They come in unquestionable prominent styles for that effortless stylish vibes. Adding to this, these are extremely pocket-friendly as well. 

These sandals are definitely making some serious fashion statements. To ace your Indian look, contemporary look or a simple denim look pair alongside pelles.They are simple in design yet subtle enough to steal your eyes. 

No wonder, a pair of sandals and slippers are enough to remind you of the cool gust of air during summers. Because this is the only comfortable yet contemporary thing you would want to wear during summers. Ditch those heels or sneakers for leather pelles.  

Also, nothing works better than flat sandals that are most comfortable and can be paired with anything. It is definitely a MUST-HAVE for every woman out there. A daily wear which can be worn at a spa treatment, coffee date, shopping day, casual office day or take along to your next vacation. Sandals can be surely paired with any outfit. It is highly recommended for casual wear. You’ll spot a number of fashion bloggers, influencers and celebrities wearing sandals and slippers with their outfits. 

So what’s holding you back? Pamper the most important women in your life, that is you YOURSELF. You can win over a meeting or outweigh that boring weekday in a pair of comfy sandals or slippers. Add them to your shopping list and bag it in your shoe closet!

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